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Our First Date in 2008..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

dinner @ aston n coffee at starbucks

pheng fetched me from work today , we went to aston specialties for dinner. i ordered grilled fish . e fish was good., after that we went to siglap for coffee
the food was nioe @ ashton and the price was reasonable. some friends are like those u seem to have only know them for a while but it seems like you know them for a long time .
hes quite a friendly chap, i seem to put on a heavy load off me and we starting chatting like old friends
siglap 's starbucks is a cozy place to chill , its not very noisy and not stressful unnlike the branches in town 
today was more peaceful compared to yesterday, totally more relaxed and he was of a good company . through the conversation, i realize how similar we were in some ways
its quite comfortable. i have a breakfast delivery coming my way @ my office .. tats quite a sweet gesture
i managed to find some work to do by packing the messy shevles at work and trying to do some inventory work .
it was an enjoyable nite out.. totally at ease..