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bringing my man home to meet my folks for breakfast today..

July 31, 2012

Sunday, December 14, 2008

bringing my man home to meet my folks for breakfast today.. 

memorable & pleasant family outing although planning it was a challenge

i brought my panda back home for breakfast. hes approved by my folks.. 
i havent been so delighted for so long .. 
n i spend a lot of $ today.. hehehehehhe 
its been a long time since i bought any gifts for someone i love
hopefully hes the last man i will bring home for my folks to know..
this morning has been a series of cordinated calls.. 
how stressful it can get to organise 9 adults m 5 kids with a constraint of e timing available 10-12
finally after changing places .. we settled at lor 9 geylang mongkok kopitiam for tim sum
when u buy things for someone u love. it feels blissful that someone took effort and time to decide what is best for him or her
i think with this thought in mind . it feels great
to know that
to work with constraints overcome it and do it better next time
i m glad and happy that my family likes him accepts him . it was like a breather to me even auntie may commented i go for family man now. nt the handsome and playful ones
maybe i think more now that a relationship can be slowly nurtured and cultivated with mutual respect n genuine love for each other

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July 31, 2012

Saturday, December 06, 2008

first movie date

after a long nite n tossing and turning.. i couldnt really catch a deep sleep coz i miss my bed and my favourite cao cao bolster 
because panda 's place is really different from mine.. so it took me a while to coax myself to sleep
n since it was a last min decision. i had to use men 's facial wash for the first time for my 25 yrs of my life.. wang wang as usual is a horny dog who will come n disturb me while i try to stick in his room
met his mum n his 2 younger brothers . sound like a nice lady also
so we helped to run some errand for mother panda.. n he gave me a lift home and since i was having some sickening cramp. panda tabao as usual some bao n muffin for me along the way
later on joining auntie may for steamboat and panda was so nice.. he bought the tickets.. when bro worm brought back some trouble back home again n lau pei was nagging non stop the moment i step in the house.. we got some warrant arrest letter from LTA who was attentioned to ms lua who is known as elephant aka bro 's worm 's gf.. they r jinx man.. so in the end me not home last nite was not highlighted instead. the focus was on worm n elehpant 
their newborn not long ago.. n i guess lau pei is worried sick coz he keep calling bro worm to collect all the " red letters " attention to bro worm n family.. 
when will the bro worm episode stop . its like a soap opera that never ends. at least zhen qing ended.. 
i m gonna enjoy the steamboat later n bolt with panda.. yeah yeah yeah.. 
there are some unpleasant tings which happened during work and also sweet sweet incidents which made my day.. i guess its just plain fate how things turn out from day one.. from dinner to lunches. breakfasts.. yippeeee. somebody to be with me in the festive season after 2 yrs of windowless and empty social lifestyle
he bother to come and find me. bought the tics. tried his best to make his little gal smile.. we are similar and yet different
i havent really seen the other side of him neither has he. but hes quite an accomodating person so far since i met him
got to wake up at 5 in the morning to prepare for the run .. aim to finish early
e ting about big men is they give this extra kind of protection that the thin ones doesnt. 
its feels warm to lean against somone like him , a sense of security when he firmly grips me with him. like a real man or some panda . i cant really differentiate. but what i gather so far is hes someone that i grown gradually acustomered to and fondly in love with .
i m not a romantic person by nature however i feel loved with him 
its like an overwheiming effect which i havent had for a very long time 
maybe there are certain things i must learn to live with like his little habits of munching snacks. the more on you impose on someone, conversely the other party might impose expectation on u as well 
a person 's size is not a good indicator on the person 's true character and in time to come , all the other unfavourable traits will show.
the attraction betweem the leo man and sagitarius lady is really amazing so far. its like unstopppable dynamite all fleged to ingnite any moment
certain instances or simple gesture simple reflect how a person behave
there are clearly a lot of grey areas now and as far as its concerned , i got to really spend some time and effort to understand him well 
hes like a gentle giant whos sweet and endearing however if hes provoked , i can forsee of unspeakable disastrous outcomes.
i should be careful when i was suposed to do something delicate in the kitchen with him on fri . but i dunno y i can allow myself to be so clumsy and akward in front of him .its just so dumb of me to be so careless at that moment .
hes got this childlike chuckle when he laughs at the theatre . omg i m really love with him ... 
its definitely not his external that i m attracted to . but its like a person whos thinkinh out of the box to care for someone genuinely from the heart and feel for that person . 
sometimes things just happen for some reason and perhaps it was probabbly arranged it this way. i tink last nite was a quite a memorable day for me . despite on certain constraints we had on our first movie date. i thought that it was pretty enjoyable , maybe i should stop nagging at him , and help him fix those little issues and be happy with him , that shoud improve the process of knowing someone better.1255

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